We know dentistry.
We know AI.

We're a Melbourne based dental-tech company
founded in 2020.

The problem

Dentistry is hard.

As practitioners and practice owners, we're always up to our neck in it. Being so busy, It's inevitable that we sometimes have to de-prioritise important things because they're not "urgent". These include systems like tx plan quality improvement and modernising reactivations and recalls.

We built CoTreat with that busy practice owner in mind. The one that wants continuous improvement, but doesn't currently have the time or resources to execute on that desire. Dental AI is an unprecedented opportunity for practices of all sizes to easily systematise things that previously needed a lot of effort. We have already demonstrated that CoTreat AI can transform all steps of the treatment planning workflow. From quality checking to reactivating unbooked treatment plans. Since its all automated, you won't have to add to your payroll to enjoy the systems that CoTreat AI brings. Plug and play.

Max Ganhewa - Co-Founder CoTreat AI, practising dentist and practice owner

Our solution

We built a platform and product suite for quality and efficiency improvements in dentistry.

And we’re just getting started...

We’re an eclectic crew!

But what motivates us?

We’re an eclectic crew!

What motivates us?

Dentistry can learn a lot from aviation, and hate to say this, medicine.

Aviation is a ‘learning system’ where feedback loops are used for continuous improvement of the whole. Medicine is less systematised, but has far more collaboration than dentistry, through things like ward rounds, multi-disciplinary team meetings and morbidity/mortality meetings. In dentistry, we’re often isolated and disconnected from each other leading to worse patient and practitioner outcomes.

Our team of zealots are aiming to bring learnings from aviation and medicine to dentistry. We are unlocking the power of human collaboration, and artificial intelligence. We want to see higher accuracy for patients, and better outcomes for dentists, both professionally and financially.

Meet our team

Humans Behind CoTreat AI

Max Ganhewa
FT CEO, Co-Founder, Director, Dentist
Neekey Ni
FT CTO, Co-founder, Director
Daniel Lawrence
Clinical governance, operations and strategic partnerships
Carlo Tarquinio
(Director) Trout, Reece
Geoff Parkes
Sales, Director
Prof Nicola Cirillo
Professor of Dental Medicine, Pathology, Pharmacology at University of Melbourne
Assoc. Prof Rowan Story
Clinical director, retired maxillo-facial surgeon, medical ethics, lawyer
Vijji Murthy
Quality Assurance Research Lead
Alba Hoo
Software Engineer
Jeffrey Foo
Software Engineer
Connor Sinclair
Marketing Manager
Jan Schiffner
Head of Sales
Priyanka Patel
Clinical Reporting and Operations
Jahnavi Raval
Clinical Reporting and Operations
Yaseen AlGailani
Full-stack Developer

We’re not alone in this journey

Our Partners are our strength

From our research partners at the University of Melbourne and the University of Sydney, to our robust integration partners like D4W, Core Practice, to our visionary capital partners like Archangel Ventures we're well supported. Pioneering early adopters such as Dental Health Services Victoria have already signed up to CoTreat.

The 'Co' in CoTreat stands for collaboration. We don't just aim to live up to our name; we commit to exemplifying it!

Innovation brings solutions

The future is already here. You can use CoTreat AI today

We stand at the forefront of an AI transformation. CoTreat AI isn't just any AI—it's tailor-made for dentistry, grounded in responsibility and fortified by evidence. Today, we're poised to work with businesses of all scales and ready to harness the power of dental AI. Together, we can automate workflows thereby making practices more efficient and profitable.

We know dentistry. We know AI. This unique intersection positions us perfectly to partner with dental businesses just like yours, ready to tap into breakthrough technology.

Don't just stay updated. Lead the way with CoTreat AI.