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Convert Your Treatment Plan Into an Engaging Case Presentation

CoTreat AI transforms your treatment plans into visually compelling, engaging presentations. Enhance patient understanding and acceptance with our dynamic format.

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Convert Your Treatment Plan Into Engaging Case Presentation

Patients Love Seeing Their Own Data

Patients Love Seeing Their Own Data

Our interactive patient images and 3D scans captivate patients. They appreciate the data ownership and insight our digital treatment plans provide.

Patients keep their Treatment Plan in Sight Even After their Visit

Our digital treatment plan keeps patients engaged to improve case completion rate. More engagement with treatment plans mean a higher likelihood of acceptance and completion.

Keep Your Treatment Options in Sight Even After the Visit

Break Down Communication Barriers

Break Down Communication Barriers

Facilitate direct engagement between patients and your team via SMS or in-app chat.

Centralise conversation management.

The Results Using CoTreat Digital Treatment Plan

Foster patient trust through transparency
Track real-time engagement data
Boost conversions with integrated calls to action

How Digital Treatment Plan Works

Easily send digital treatment plans to your patients in three steps.

Upload Treatment Plan

Upload your exported treatment plan from your Practice Management System onto CoTreat, or create a new plan using our intuitive treatment builder. Optionally, enhance the plan with patient images and doctor's advice for a more comprehensive patient understanding.

Send It Out via SMS

Your digital treatment plan is sent as an SMS from a dedicated mobile number assigned to your practice. This message includes your practice name and the primary practitioner’s name, fostering trust with the patient.

Securely Accessed By Patients

Patients can access the digital treatment plan by clicking the link in the SMS. They are authenticated via their mobile number, ensuring their health data is protected from unauthorised access.

Track Patient Engagement With Their Treatment Plans

Understand which patients are interested in your treatment plan so you can target follow-ups effectively.

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Track Patient Engagement With Their Treatment Plans

Generate More Leads with CoTreat Webchat Widget

Generate More Leads with CoTreat Webchat Widget

Turn more website visitors into leads and get them booked.

Send messages via SMS that get opened 98% of the time.

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Gather Patient Reviews with CoTreat Review Invite

Encourage patients to leave reviews on Google and Facebook, boosting your online presence and attracting more visitors to your practice.

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Gather Patient Reviews with CoTreat Review Invite

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Your patient data is de-Identified, safe and secure

Your patient data is de-Identified, safe and secure

We take patient privacy very seriously and are compliant with all APP requirements. We de-identify data before analysing, and only re-identify them upon returning them to your practice account. We will never share data to third parties.


CoTreat AI

$399+GST /month

no setup fees

Engaging case presentations derived from your treatment plans

SMS and web-based communication channels with your patients

WebChat widget to capture leads from your website

Building up your reputation with CoTreat Review Invitations

Comprehensive tracking and analysis of patient engagement.

Triggered by

Treatment plan without next booking or custom rules

No lock in contracts, cancel at anytime1

Monthly subscription costs are per practice.

Up to to 500 patient appointments per month2 per practice3

If you see more than 500 patients per month or have more than 4 practices please contact our sales team.

  1. Subject to Terms and Conditions. Whilst you can cancel at any time if you cancel your subscription the cancellation will take effect at the end of your current monthly period. You may renew your subscription at any time after that. See full details at Terms and Conditions
  2. 500 patients per month is based on an average of 20 working days per month and 25 patients per day.
  3. Pricing shown is for organisations with 1 - 4 practices.

Responsible AI

CoTreat has a dedicated dental research team to ensure the inputs (observations) and outputs (reports) are in accordance with the available scientific evidence base. We also have human dentists ‘verify’ our outputs to de-risk AI hallucinations. We’re also listed as a Class I medical device under TGA.

Responsible AI



How will CoTreat AI help me?

CoTreat AI will apply systematic analysis of your images that contributes to quality assurance in your diagnosis and treatment planning whilst also acting as another member of your team to assist with treatment bookings and reactivations. We do this for you whilst you get on with your daily work and so contribute to the efficient operations/running of your practice.

Will CoTreat AI create treatment plans?

No. Based on our analysis of your images we will provide feedback on your treatment plans or ask you to consider if a treatment plan is required when our technology has not detected a treatment plan. We are support, we don’t replace your expertise and knowledge of your patients.

Will CoTreat AI’s reporting always be perfect?

No. We will do out utmost to get things right through our AI, and our human quality assurance process. But ultimately, we’re not the captain of the ship. You are. We’re here to support and serve.

How long does the CoTreat reporting take to be delivered?

Sometimes minutes. Sometimes hours. But always before 7.00 am the next day when the information for us to report on is available by 6pm AEDT/AEST. In addition to our reports appearing in your CoTreat portal/site you can get a daily email (opt in), and we provided a weekly summary, so if you  don’t have time to check we will send you an update that allows you to see at a glance, what’s important.

Is there a contract or cancellation period?

Nope. We’re confident in our ability to add a massive amount of value to your practice. Therefore, no lock-in contract, or cancellation period. Month by month subscription only.